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HTML Elements


D= Deprecated A deprecated element or attribute is one that has been outdated by newer constructs.
Deprecated elements may become obsolete in future versions of HTML


Hyperlink anchor


Abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, etc.)


Indicates an acronym


Information on author


Java applet


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Client-side image map area


Bold text style


Document base URI


Base font size


I18N BiDi over-ride


Large text style


Long quotation


Document body


Forced line break


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Push button


Table caption


Shorthand for DIV align=center




Computer code fragment


Table column


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Table column group


Definition description


Deleted text


Instance definition


Directory list


Generic language/style container


Definition list


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Definition term


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Form control group


Local change to font


Contains form controls to help lay out a form, specify the program that will handle the form (action), identify the method by with the data will be sent (method), and other form information




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Window subdivision


Heading size 1 (largest)


Heading size 2


Heading size 3


Heading size 4


Heading size 5


Heading size 6 (smallest)


Document head


Horizontal rule


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Document root element


Italic text style


Inline subwindow


Embedded image


Form control


Inserted text


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Single line prompt


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Text to be entered by the user


Form field label text


Fieldset legend


List item


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A media-independent link


Client-side image map


Menu list


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Generic metainformation


Alternate content container for non frame-based rendering


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Alternate content container for non script-based rendering


Generic embedded object


Ordered list


Option group


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Selectable choice




Named property value


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Preformatted text


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Short inline quotation

<S> D

Strike-through text style


Sample program output, scripts, etc.


Script statements


Option selector


Small text style


Generic language/style container


Strike-through text


Strong emphasis


Style info




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Table body


Table data cell


Multi-line text field


Table footer


Table header cell


Table header


Document title


Table row


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Teletype or monospaced text style

<U> D

Underlined text style


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Unordered list


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Instance of a variable or program argument